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Give Us A Call: 727-502-5002
111 Boardwalk Place, 2nd Floor
Madeira Beach-Johns Pass Village

Wine & Spirits


We offer a fine selection of drinks to compliment your experience at Cafe Alma. Below is a sample of selections available during your visit.


Premium Wells:

Skyy Vodka, Bombay Gin, Bacardi Light Rum, Cuervo Tequila, Jim Bean Burbon, Jose to Cuervo, Cutty Sark Scotch

Beer | Bottles:

Amstel Light, Bass, Beck’s NA, Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, Corona Light, Guinness, Heineken , Hoegaarden, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Paulaner, Peroni

Draught Beers:

Pabst Blue Ribbon – Wisconsin (5.0%) – $3.75 – A satisfying, medium bodied American classic. Refreshing with adusting of malts and hops.

Magic Hat #9 – Vermont (6.60%) – $5.00 – A creamy, well balanced, crisp, refreshing not quite pale ale with citrus notes and a smooth finish. Traditional citrus and pine back notes.

Bell’s Oberon – Michigan (5.8%) – $5.00 – A luxurious American style wheat ale. Sweet flavors of caramel and citrus dash from nose to palatte in a seamless dance of excellence.

Cigar City ‘Jai Ala’ I.P.A – Tampa (7.5%) – $6.00 – Hop Heads of the world rejoice! Cigar City presents a “monstrous interpretation of the American IPA. A melange of citrus assaults the nose and opens a citrus oriented flavor profile of tangerines and kumquats. Finish with light notes of sweet toasted bread and caramel for balance. A true marvel of modern hop engineering.

Cigar City ‘Maduro’ Oatmeal Brown Ale – Tampa (5.5%) – $6.00 – Maduro has a very rich, full feel. The aroma is maple syrup, walnuts, earth, caramel and a hint of tobacco. The beer is relatively sweet with a smooth roast finish.

Old Chub – Colorado, USA (8%) – $5.00 – A brobdingnagian celebration of rich malts and smoked grains creates a smooth finishing character for the herculean size of this Scotch Ale.

Craft Beers:

Aventinus – Germany (8.2%) (500ml) – $8.00 – The world’s oldest dopplebock is bottle conditioned and brought to life with the perfect balance of fruit spiciness and chocolate malts.

Ayinger Brau-Weisse – Germany (5.1%) (500ml) – $8.00 – A traditional German hefeweissen pouring cloudy bronze with hints of bananas and bubblegum on the nose and palate, finishing with a citrus twist.

Bell’s Expedition Stout – Michigan, USA (10.5%) (12oz) – $6.50 – A rich and creamy Russian Imperial stout showing notes of wood oak and licorice and sweet dark chocolate flavors with coffee and dark fruit.

Chimay Rouge – Belgium (7%) (330ml) – $7.25 – A traditional Trappist Ale with a copper colored body, creamy head, and fruity notes of apricot, Muscat, and raisins.

Chang Lager – Thailand (5%) (12oz) – $4.25 – Brewed since 1995, this rich golden hued lager is crisp and well balanced with hints of lemon, lychee fruit, vanilla, and honey.

Dale’s Pale Ale – Colorado, USA (6.5%) (12oz) – $4.25 – America’s first hand-canned craft beer (canned 5 beers at a time) features a meringue-like head, copper color, and a hoppy finish.

Delerium Tremens – Belgiam (8.5%) (330ml) – $7.50 – Well-balanced Belgian ale with notes of honey, spices, and candied malts in a firm body, with a dry crisp finish. Duchess de

Bourgogne – Belgium (6%) (330ml) – $8.00 – A reddish brown Flanders ale with sweet and sour fruit hints and a delicate Champagne like carbonation.

Hennepin – New York, USA (7.5%) (12oz) – $6.50 – A light pale Belgian style farmhouse ale made by Ommegang Brewery with a hoppy crisp finish.

Hobgoblin – England (5.2%) (500ml) – $8.00 – This full bodied reddish copper ale from the Wychwood Brewery features chocolate and toffee malts, moderate bitterness, and slight fruit accents fading through a lasting finish.

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale – Mississippi, USA (4.5%) (12oz) – $4.25 – Pouring a rich Mahogany, this brown ale is brewed with whole roasted pecans, imparting a nutty characteristic.

Left Hand Milk Stout – Colorado, USA (5.9%) (12oz) – $5.50 – Strong roasted malt and coffee flavors are mellowed by the addition of milk sugars giving this stout a creamy mouth feel and remembrances of chocolate milk.

Lindeman’s Framboise – Belgium (4%) (375ml) – $7.50 – Spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts, this traditional lambic is blessed with sweet raspberry flavor and delicate carbonation.

Midas Touch – Delaware, USA (9%) (12oz) – $6.50 – Made with honey, wild Muscat grapes, and saffron this offering from the Dogfish Head Brewery is made according to an ancient recipe found in the 2700 year old tomb of King Midas.

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout – England (5%) (550ml) – $8.50 – Smooth, silky, creamy, and full-bodied with fruit and dark chocolate highlight this vegan standard for it’s style brewed using the centuries old Yorkshire Square system.

Samuel Smith Organic Cider – England (5%) (550ml) – $8.50 – Made from organically grown apples, this quaff pours a clear bright gold and tasting reminiscent of fresh-pressed apple cider with a mild yeast hint.

Sinebrychoff Porter – Finland (7.20%) (330ml) – $6.00 – This traditional Baltic porter pours an inky black color with a rich head, smooth creamy mouthfeel, and elements of dark chocolate, espresso, and roasted malts on the nose and palate with a slight hint of smokiness.

Three Philosophers – New York (10%) (12oz) – $7.50 – An earthy blend of a classic abbey style ale with chocolate malts melting into a drizzle of cherry lambic on the finish. Tripel

Karmeliet – Belgium (8.4%) (330ml) – $7.50 – This three-grain recipe dating to 1679 and brewed by the family owned Bosteels Brewery is highlighted with a fresh light creaminess and vanilla and citrus hints.

Victory Golden Monkey – Pennsylvania, USA (9.50%) (12oz) – $6.00 – This warming, flavored Tripel Ale is steeped in Belgian-inspired brewing. Notes of cloves, spice, and toasted bread engage with sweet malts and nectar to produce a distinctive and unique ale.

Well’s Banana Bread Beer – England (5.2%) (11.2oz) – $5.50 – Britain’s largest independent brewery uses organic free-trade bananas to produce this smooth beer with honest bread-like tone with hints of spices.